Getting founders to $1MM ARR faster and more efficiently


Our hands-on approach during a company’s formative years can make the difference in achieving your next milestone.
We are seeking companies which enable more efficient and effective digital experiences in the following segments:
  • Restaurant Tech — re-tooling existing restaurants and enabling new models to emerge
  • MarTech — exploring new and re-imagining existing communication channels
  • PropTech — attacking inefficiencies throughout the entire real estate ecosystem
  • FinTech — challenging how/where these services are consumed and utilized
We are seeking companies where we can accelerate roadmap, fundraising and go-to market plans. We align with founders to better navigate formative years and help land first institutional rounds. We back our winners aggressively and activate our extensive network in sales, marketing, technology, legal, finance and more to ensure executives stay focused on critical business milestones.


Getting an angel deal done is fun and is a rush, but writing two $25K checks a year is more like gambling than investing.

The VC industry has been around for a long time and their historical returns are pretty clear that 10% of the exits in a tech fund generate 85% of the returns. Protecting your downside requires getting into many deals, so we’ve built a new more efficient angel investing model for HNWs and family offices — fully vetted deals, low or no cost co-investing and sidecars, augmented terms/allocations, etc. With TMW Capital, you can still have the rush of working on early stage deals, but you’ll have the opportunity to see and participate in more quality vetted deals to properly diversify your risk in this asset class.

“Our target batting average is ’1/3, 1/3, 1/3‘ which means that we expect to lose our entire investment on 1/3 of our investments, we expect to get our money back (or maybe make a small return) on 1/3 of our investments, and we expect to generate the bulk of our returns on 1/3 of our investments.”

— Fred Wilson, co-founder of Union Square Ventures, 2009

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